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The Afrigo dream – Dreams can and DO come true!!

In the beginning it was just like a dream, yes 2+years ago we thought of bringing Afrigo over..then shelved it.
When we brought over the legendary Ma Blacks Band from Malawi last summer, it rekindled our dream of bringing the legendary UG Afrigo Band and we pursued it relentlessly. Loads of work, loads of support from people, a wonderfully great Grajoh team and yes some sleepless nights. You know AFRIGO is not a joke!
It is no longer a dream. The Afrigo BAND will be here in the UK on Wednesday ready kutuwa muziki Saturday March 28, 2015. That they would accept our invitation and award the honor of hosting them on their 40th Anniversary is just like woooow
Grajoh Talent Management/Public Relations Proudly Presents the AFRIGO BAND 40th Anniversay Concert Live in London featuring Mc Moseh, Desire Luzinda, Angela Nabuufu and Paddy Dee at The Royal Regency