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Meet Mujungu, the star maker

….He is a self-starter, a man determined to make it by sheer effort and hard work. Johnson Mujungu has caused quite a stir in the entertainment world by making some of our celebrities into the international stars that they are today. His company manages Anne Kansiime, Patrick Salvado and Iryn Namubiru among others.
mujOnce in a while, he has also arranged shows for big names like the Afrigo band and Eddy Kenzo to perform in the UK and other countries abroad. Under his management, our stars like Kansiime have been hoping from plane to plane to perform across the continent.
Perhaps the surprise might be that for a young woman like Anne Kansiime, it was just a coincidence that Mujungu got to know her.
As Mujungu discloses, Kansiime was actually “discovered” by his Malawian wife Grace.
“Apparently in one of her Malawian Women discussion groups’ people had been sharing and enjoying Anne’s clips and she learnt Anne was from Uganda. She pointed me to it and don’t get me wrong but her Rukiga-English (accent) had me take a few listens.
“Grace and I decided that night that we would bring Anne to outside countries as Anne likes to call them. We did,” narrates Johnson Mujungu
“We first met in 2013 in London, United Kingdom. We sponsored her to host our inaugural 2BELOVED GALA,” Mujungu narrates, and explains further that 2Beloved was founded by him and his wife in 2004 to create a community of married, engaged and dating couples to share experiences and blessings in love with a view to strengthening these relationships.
Unknown to them was that Mujungu would turn out to be Kansiime’s personal manager. Today, as they say, the rest is history.
In fact a lot of Ugandans feel that it were not for Mujungu, Anne Kansiime would not be where she is today. So what is it like working with a woman with a don’t-mess-with-me attitude?
“Anne and I work very well together. She is brilliant, willing and able to learn. Besides, I like her which makes me work unreservedly.
“Yes, we knew she would be huge. She had the talent and what she needed was support and management.
“To get her to where she is, and she is just getting started, meant taking a risk on her obviously as I was still in fulltime employment. But risks are me. Yes, we had and still have a vision.
I wanted to internationalize her, have and continue to. The benefits accruing are evident from her current national and global stature. Anne is doing well where she is but will become even bigger, it’s just a matter of time.
In his view, Mujungu feels that the ‘naughty’ Kansiime is only the actress we see on the screen or on stage.
“Off those platforms, she is just a regular girl who works so hard and loves to have a good time. I sometimes think Anne should have pursued a career in dancing. Girl loves and can dance!” he observes.
Managing Ugandan celebrities has come all too easy, for this father of three. He owes to the fact that it is a diverse group of talented and focused artists who are fully aware of what they want.
“They appreciate that there is enough room for all of us. I deal with each artist differently and professionally focusing on each ones goals. They are desirous of being disciplined and that really makes it easy. They are human of course and can error but they are conscious of the potential negative repercussions. They are aware that discipline and professionalism are key to their success.”…
..Although he was lucky to wear Bata shoes to school, there are some luxuries his family could not afford.
“I had no toys as we know them now but indulged in ‘Gogoli’, rode ‘Ekyigari’ and did all the games that children do in the village.”
Mujungu went to Kihembe Primary school, Rubaga Boys Secondary School, Makerere College, Kampala Secondary school and later University of Toronto, where he studied Information Technology and Project management. An ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Expert, Mujungu also holds multiple qualifications in various fields, which include projects in controlled environments practitioner, combined service desk incident and problem management, combined change configuration and release management; foundation certificate in IT service management, Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Certified Citrix administrator and Cisco Certified Network administrator.
Going to Toronto University through an initial 1 year sponsorship obtained from World University Service of Canada (WUSC), Mujungu worked in the University Kitchen between lectures to pay for the rest of his University education.
Above all, by the time he left Uganda in 1991, he was a young overzealous man in search of greener pastures. “I am a Mukiga nomad from Kihembe village, a global child destined to influence the world,” he says proudly.
“It was awesome, adventurous, a youth on a roll. Not sure I missed home until much later and then got over it.”
His first job was working as a desktop support technician at the Centre for Education and Training in Toronto, Canada. He later worked as a Network Administrator for the Smith Group in Chicago, Madison and Detroit the US, before moving to work as a Site Information Technology Champion for the Ontario Power Generation Company in Canada.
He then relocated to the UK in 2006 and worked as Information Technology Supervisor at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, UK. Along the way, he also served as a president of the International Community of Banyakigezi….