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Meet Mujungu the star maker

Daring Mujungu
Mujungu’s story is mostly about staying the course even when the world seemed to be failing him.
Born in 1967 in Kihembe Village, Kanungu district, Mujungu, was born in a humble background. His parents were John MujunPatrick Tiyetu Mujungu, a Veterinarian by profession and Entrepreneur in his later years and his mother Grace Tumusiime Mujungu. (Grace, like his wife!”).
The first born in a family of 22, Mujungu knew from an early life that he had to work hard to make it in life.
“Talking about my childhood, would probably make me write a book. Mine was a supportive and tight family at the beginning but that loosened as it became larger. My late father was a polygamist (a culturalist as he preferred to call himself) so the family grew bigger and spread,” he says
“I’m literally related to nearly everyone in my home village and way beyond. I can’t count on one hand the number of family members and relatives I would spend a day with or meet. My mother was and remains a matriarch and home maker,” he says fondly.

About family
Together with his wife Grace the couple is blessed with three sons. They also run the 2Beloved community, a platform which they created to create a community of married, engaged and dating couples to share experiences and blessings in love with a view to strengthening these relationships.
“Both Grace and I being from polygamous families and in a sort of revolt yet resolve to build our own, coming upon and overcoming many obstacles along the way and growing together, we felt like just we had a story to share so did others and indeed could learn from, and teach, one another,” explains Mujungu.
“Our mission is to promote marriage by strengthening the relationships of married, engaged and dating couples through sharing experiences and creative events. And as we done for the last 2 years we are hosting the 3rdAnnual 2beloved Gala in London on August 29, hosted as always by Anne Kansiime.”
He describes his wife as a mother, friend and business partner.
“Grace likes to say, God visited our home… Grace was fine when I resigned my job. We had been planning it for some time.”

Mujungu is also a devout family man who loves music, playing golf and socializing. Professionally he wants to see Grajoh grow to greater heights in the next decade.
“The now will determine the future. We pride in good and exemplary hospitality for our performing artists,” says Mujungu

Excerpt from ‘Meet Mujungu, the star maker’ in the Uganda New Vision print newspaper- Interview with Carol Natukunda