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Mark Angel


Mark Angel is the founder of the Popular comedy kit “Mark Angel Comedy“, which featured youngest comedian Emmanuela Samuel.

Mark Angel started as a photographer before he moved into comedy showbiz professionally in 2011. Before that, he was a member of a theater group, Gingertainment and which performed stage dramas, especially comedy. We went from school to school. After studying cinematography in India, he joined Nollywood. he did a couple of productions, but
my Nollywood experience was a bit brief because of my mum. She is an evangelist and she was skeptical about some of the movies he edited. he then sought other ways to channel his talent. He also worked as a security guard. his friend, Dennison Igwe, suggested that they start our own media company. We did skits which we put on the Internet but it was not successful. We did what we loved for fun and not for money.

Emmanuella is one of the kids in their acting school. they discovered her from the foundation. MarK did not attend any university. He gained admission to study Medicine at Obafemi Awolowo University in 2008, but his uncle, who he imagined would sponsor his education passed away about the same time. He could not go to school that year and he came to Lagos to stay with a friend. He knew he was not ready for school and he decided not to go to school again.

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