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Grajoh Co-Founder Johnson Mujungu: Success Abroad Starts Home

Johnson Mujungu is the CEO of Grajoh Talent Management, a company that manages city comedian Anne Kansiime, Patrick Idringi Salvador and singer Irene Namubiru.

Johnson Mujungu with city comedian Anne Kansiime in middle) and his wife Grace Mujungu.

Johnson Mujungu with city comedian Anne Kansiime in middle) and his wife Grace Mujungu.

UGO Uganda had a one on one with Mujungu who shared how Ugandan music has market abroad but emphasized that “Success abroad starts at home.”

Mujungu (a.k.a Mukiga Nomad) is an ambitious, dedicated and results-driven talent manager with a wealth of transferable skills honed during a progressive and international engagement.

Below is the full interview:

Brief Background about Johnson Mujunju
Mujungu, is the Co-CEO of Grajoh Talent Management and Public Relations, a talent sourcing, supporting and celebration company registered with head offices in Ken, United Kingdom.

Born in Kanungu district, Mujungu is a graduate of Information Technology and Project management from the University of Toronto. He is a former President of the International Community of Banyakigezi Inc.

Johnson Mujungu is the CEO of Grajoh Talent Management, a company that manages city comedian Anne Kansiime, Patrick Idringi Salvador and singer Irene Namubiru

Johnson Mujungu

In 2014, Mujungu ended an 18 year career in Information Technology, having spent 8 years as the IT Manager at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, to focus on Entertainment, Talent Management, public relations and related. Together with his wife Grace Ntolera-Mujungu, they co-founded GRAJOH LTD, operating under the name Grajoh Talent Management and Public Relations which has a team of 6 paid part-time staff.

Tell us about GRAJOH Talent Management
Grajoh Talent Management & Public Relations is a talent sourcing, management, promotion & Public Relations operation registered under GRAJOH LTD. Our motto is: ‘From Good to Great’

Our Mission is to establish ourselves in many areas of entertainment, personality and book publicity, business and non-profit public relations, special event creation and production, and talent management and career/brand development for artists.

For us, ‘Talent’ is an Asset that exists at the right time and in the right place. In summary, people are only the greatest asset when the conditions are right – otherwise they can be far from an asset…!

How many Ugandan celebrities/personalities do you manage?
I manage four ie Anne Kansiime( Comedian), Irene Namubiru (Singer), Salvado (Comedian) and Paddy Dee (Singer)

Who among them has been the most successful client in the year 2014?
Each one has come with different attributes to Grajoh. We do not quite compare our artists but work with them to get to the next level.

Late last year, GRAJOH started managing singer Iryn Namubiru, what opportunities do you see for her in this year/future since she has strong competition from the fresh musicians with different music style?

Yes, we are delighted and challenged to have Irene in the Grajoh family. Irene is one of Uganda’s best and has opportunities galore. Irene is not in competition with anyone but seeks to improve herself. Asked on BBC in London what she wanted to do, among other things, Irene said she wanted to internationalize. She wants to share her talent across boundaries. We are working on that and more.

 City comedian Anne Kansiime,  and Patrick Idringi Salvador

City comedian Anne Kansiime, and Patrick Idringi Salvador

Is there strong market for Ugandan music in the western countries?

Ugandan music, like any other, has a market no doubt. You will have noticed how successful Eddy Kenzo has been at it. But success abroad starts at home. See what the Nigerians are doing? Support from the fans and systems in place, and then the rest of the world appreciates or is forced to love as one of my Nigerian colleagues often likes to brag.

How would you define Ugandan music industry?
Hard to define, I don’t know if I am qualified to do that but I can tell you that it’s a growing industry.

What weaknesses do you find with the Ugandan music style and its artists too?
Every person or sector is always challenged to grow. Ugandan music is adjusting ably well overall. Again, artists are not the same and face different challenges/opportunities. We can’t generalise

What do you think needs to be changed for Ugandan artists to get international publicity?
They need improved professional management and deliberate publicity. I think Uganda has some of the best musicians in the world.

Is it hard to get bookings abroad especially for Ugandan musicians?
Ugandan Musicians have a market abroad especially within the Uganda Diaspora. Once internationalized, it will go beyond.

Johnson  Mujungu and Anne Kansiime

Johnson Mujungu and Anne Kansiime

What made you choose this life of career (to manage artists/comedians etc)
I think it’s something that I always wanted to do, and did indirectly for most of my adult life. I have chosen to do it professionally.

How long have you been in this line of career?
Officially under one year, informally for throughout my adult life

Where do you see Ugandan music industry in 10 years to come?
Ugandan music industry can only go up. Again just look back a few years ago. Technology will no doubt continue to impact the industry especially when it comes to music distribution and circulation.

Credi: UGO Uganda