Grajoh Bringing Inspirational Zimbabwean Guru, Zwelibanzi Ndlovu to London

Johnson Mujungu, CEO Grajoh Talent Management/Public Relations, the manager who worked together with Anne Kansiime to open the world stage to the hilarious comedy diva now brings to the United Kingdom a different kind of show…not seriously funny but seriously transformational!

The Theme of the series will be “Make your New Year Resolutions with an aim to succeed this time!” and the man to give you the tools for that is Mujungu ‘s latest signing; Zwelibanzi Ndlovu.

This International Personal & Business Transformation guru has the clout, the experience, the intelligence the charisma, the track record, the gift of the gab and the physical stage presence at six foot three to deliver an unforgettable experience that will be imprinted in your life for years to come.

All indications show that Zwelibanzi’s events will be ideal for those who are too tired of being at the same level but are too scared to change, or those who want to change something about their life but don’t know how to, or those who are skeptical of empty motivational talk and would rather have a Transformational experience with substance and depth, or those who believe in simplicity and that transformation is a lifestyle and not an event!

Some of the topics that Zwelibanzi will address include Mindset and the difference between who you think you are and who you really are, Emotional Security and how to identify and face your personal insecurities, Hard cash and how to live within your means while creating wealth, relationships and how to achieve a quiet confidence as a starting point to improving your relationships, Career redirection and how to identify your talents and turn your hobby into a career, Health & Addictions – getting rid of obsessive behavior and excessive indulgence, Strategic Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Solving in order to unpack and solve complex problems even under pressure.

Johnson Mujungu, CEO Grajoh Talent Management/Public Relations

Johnson Mujungu, CEO Grajoh Talent Management/Public Relations

A unique feature of this event is the After Event Support. After the event, participants will continue to receive support via social media and email on an ongoing basis via the website.

This is what Zwelibanzi had to say about the coming visit “The last week of the year is a crucial week for reflection, resolution and refocusing because once the year starts, more urgent concerns usually seem to demand priority and before you realize it, half the year is gone and it seems like time jumped from January straight to June! So it is a good thing to take time out STOP and get The Power to Start!”

Zwelibanzi is founder and CEO of Stop to Start International, a transformation management firm. He has been a partner in the consulting practice of KPMG Peat Marwick based in Kenya, the MD of SAP East Africa and a Senior Consultant at PwC in Southern, Central and East Africa.

Besides organizations, Zwelibanzi has assisted a number of business, arts and sporting celebrities in Zimbabwe and East Africa. This ex-Army captain speaks extensively to leaders on personal effectiveness. He has developed and copyrighted his own tools known as STOP or the STOP Analysis.

We caught up with Mujungu and this is what he had to say: “You will love this guy ….. Especially the African diaspora. He will not necessarily tell you what you want to hear, but I can guarantee you he’ll give you what you need to hear to take you to the next level and he breaks it down step-by-every-single-step!”

Finally, Mujungu sums it up in a phrase that seems to be the marketing line for his latest talent…. “Dude got what the world needs!”

Zwelibanzi is billed to “do his thing” this December 2015 in various cities in the United Kingdom at venues, dates and fees to be communicated separately.