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About us

Grajoh Talent Management & Public Relations is a talent sourcing, management, promotion & Public Relations operation registered under GRAJOH LTD. Our motto is: ‘From Good to Great’

Grajoh Mission

Our Mission is to establish ourselves in many areas of entertainment, personality and book publicity, business and non-profit public relations, special event creation and production, and talent management and career/brand development for artists.

For us, ‘Talent’ is an Asset that exists at the right time and in the right place. In summary, people are only the greatest asset when the conditions are right – otherwise they can be far from an asset…!

In furtherance of our mission, Grajoh organizes three annual major events:
AFRIKAFEST” is the biggest East and Central Southern African community event in Europe. It is an all-inclusive and purely social-cultural festival designed to promote and celebrate Africa Talent. It is an annual show that will feature different artists from across Africa and other regions. We will aim to include new and experienced talent.
2Beloved was founded by Mr and Mrs Mujungu to create a community of married, engaged and dating couples to share experiences and blessings in love with a view to strengthening these relationships