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A Closer Look at Iryn Namubiru; One of Uganda’s Most Acclaimed Divas of All Time

Iryn Namubiru

Iryn Namubiru

No objective music commentator can talk about Ugandan music and fail to mention Iryn Namubiru among the very best! She’s one of the very best divas that have ever walked the surface of this country; a super diva to be exact. Her beautiful and strong vocals, her versatility and an eye for beautiful videos are some of the things that endear her to fans and critics alike. To me, her ability to come out on top of otherwise unbelievable challenges is one of her strongest qualities.

Her professional music journey can be seen as far back as 1995 with Da Hommies, alongside Ragga Dee and Messe; and with Da Hommies, Iryn released her very first single Learn To Love. In 1999, she teamed up with Juliana Kanyomoz to form I-Jay and their song Vive La Vie was a typical magnum opus hit; and much as her name faded off the local scene following her relocation to France, she never faded out of the minds of music fans. Relocating to France did not pour cold water on her music career and she went ahead to do such songs as Nsangi, Eko, Ensi and Baami Baffe.

However, Iryn’s real deal came in 2006 with Nkuweeki album. Nkuweki was Angelic, to say the least and helped her earn a permanent slot in the hearts of those who love good music. As if to seal her slot, songs like Y’ono, Lwaki, Bonna Obasinga, Begombeko, Birowoozo and Nsonyiwa have come in over the years as a clear statement of Iryn’s prowess, vocal aptness and consistency. Her hottest year was probably 2011, when she swept all top accolades and rooted herself deeper as a super diva to reckon with.

Apart from being able to ably balance between parenting and music; and apart from her fluency in English, French and Luganda, one of Iryn’s strongest points has been her versatility and vocal flexibility. She will pull off a ballad with as much ease as she does an upbeat song; and she will pull off R&B with as much as she pulls off Afro-Beat or ragga. This has turned her into an adaptable super diva whose music is timeless.

Fans and skeptics alike agree that Iryn never goes wrong with her videos. From choice of locations to props and costumes, Iryn will ensure that her video has repeat value to the viewer. She is also well known for romantic videos where she pulls off a sexy image and much as there has been division of opinion about the eroticism of some of her videos, Iryn’s videos are sure often spot on.

She’s also known to be sociable, dedicated and positive minded. Those close to her have said on several occasions that she’s not the kind of person that has allowed her celebrity status to make her aloof! She remains down to earth and deals with friends and family as fellow human beings.

I got know Iryn’s strength of character after events that followed her May 3rd 2013 arrest in Japan, following allegations of drug trafficking. Many people, including myself thought that was probably the end of the road for the talented diva. I simply didn’t see how she was going to recover from such a scandal, yet as if to prove us all wrong, Iryn looked that challenge in the eye and moved on with life.

It can therefore be concluded without second thoughts, that Iryn Namubiru is one of the very best Divas Uganda has ever seen.